Wyman Meinzer’s West Texas

This is my GO TO video when I need a little inspiration. Wyman Meinzer is the official photographer of The State of Texas (pretty cool title!). I know you will find his photography awe-inspiring. Enjoy his West Texas is a hundred or so photographs in 4 minutes!!


8 thoughts on “Wyman Meinzer’s West Texas

  1. So sorry, Mabry, I thought I was on Tim May’s page who has reblogged this. Thank you for posting it in the first place. I have added it to my Vimeo collection and posted it to Facebook. A very impressive video indeed. Thank you. Anne.

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  2. Thank you very much for sharing this video. It is, as you said, inspirational. I had not previously known of Wyman Meinzer.
    I have never re-blogged anything, but this is exceptional. I shall re-blog it with attribution. Hope you do not mind. Thanks again

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  3. Reblogged this on naturephotorehab and commented:
    Mabry Campbell is an exceptionally talented photographer. He blogged that he goes for inspiration to this video of Wyman Meinzer’s wonderful nature photography. So I checked it out. It is tremendous. I particularly like the second half of the video for its drama and energy. I highly recommend this video, as do I Mabry Campbell’s photography blog at mabrycampbell.com

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