My International Photography Awards (IPA) 2013, Professional

I’m excited to tell you that 2013 was a great year for my photography at the International Photography Awards! I was awarded 18 honorable mentions in the professional group in a variety of categories, including Architecture:Buildings, Architecture:Bridges, Fine Art:Landscape, Nature:Landscape and Travel & Tourism. Many of these images you may not have seen on this site (although they are coming in rotation) so here they all are at one time.  I’ve made a gallery slide show of the recognized images. Click and enjoy!

All the best, Mabry

Awards Gallery

Awards List


18 thoughts on “My International Photography Awards (IPA) 2013, Professional

    • Well they are very long exposures, 5-7 minutes in most cases. So I’m not painting. What I am doing is using selective gradient masks to reveal the cloud streaks that I want to show…to compliment the image. Send me an email and I’ll explain, it’s a bit complicated. No problem. :))


    • Thank you. It looks like that…sort of. Wide angle so the perspective is skewed, it’s a long exposure shot, and I altered the manner in which the light hits the building to make it the way I wanted. But in general, yes. :))


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