“Liquid Light” Published As Book Cover

Many thanks to Pavlos Lefas, Professor of Architecture at the University of Petras, Greece, for choosing my photograph Liquid Light as the cover for his new book entitled “Architecture: A Historical Perspective”. By the look of the outline he emailed me many months ago this is an extremely in-depth book. Pavlos was a real pleasure to deal with in my small roll in the publication. 

I even like the cover crop the publisher used, and I suspect it wraps the book. This is my second most viewed photo on Flickr, almost up to 700,000 views, so a very popular image. Despite that, I’ve always been curious why Pavlos chose it for a book entitles “Architecture: A Historical Perspective”. Hmm. 

Congratulations Pavlos on another published book! As an architecture lover, I find this especially cool.

[To pre-order the book on Amazon click the image below. The book will be available in March, 2014.]

Architecture: A Historical Perspective On Amazon by Pavlos Lefas

Architecture: A Historical Perspective On Amazon by Pavlos Lefas

Liquid Light~

Below is the original image of Liquid Light. I took the photography in December 2012 at Triangeln Station in Malmö, Sweden.

Technical hooey:
Exposure: Handheld shot at 1/20th sec
ISO 400
Focal length: 17mm
Camera: Canon EOS 5D MK II
Lens: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L
Software: Adobe Lightroom 4

Liquid Light - Fine Art Photographer - Houston - Mabry Campbell

Liquid Light – Mabry Campbell


For those that are not familiar with Flickr (http://flickr.com), I consider it the best photography organizational and service around…particularly if you use it for a lot of your images as I do. Mass storage, great search rests, great organizational tools, and on and on. Flickr is great and they give you 1TB of free storage!  Below you can see that Flickr shows you the stats for individual images, in this case over the last 28 days. Seems it averages about 2,600 views/day.

Statistics for Liquid Light On Flickr - Mabry Campbell

Statistics for Liquid Light On Flickr – Mabry Campbell

Thanks so much, and as always my door is always open. Contact me with any questions at mabrycampbell.gmail.com.


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