Tram Racing Down Gothenburg Canal

Tram Racing Down Gothenburg Canal


Tram Racing Down Gothenburg Canal – Mabry Campbell

Photograph by Mabry Campbell, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2013

Mabry Campbell Photography: Website ⎟ FlickrFacebookGoogle+ ⎟ LinkedIn


3 thoughts on “Tram Racing Down Gothenburg Canal

  1. Hey Mabe,

    Although I have been incognito I do follow your creations, blogs, and insightful tips and advice. Such as your written tutorial regarding sections as it relates to processing your superb architectural work.

    I’m discovering you are truly a master with blogging and using social media
    To to deliver your brand. For this reason I am following your style which is teaching and providing me with invaluable insight to open my media campaign on this Monday.

    Combining the above plus my work with Joel and the teachings from Julia
    I’m having the time of my life. Although at the age of 70 my mind, or lack there of does not have the remembering capacity it once had. Therefore the learning curve is exponentially longer.

    Be well my friend,

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    • Richard! Visit for great blogging and images, here on WordPress. She’s awesome and I’d reach out to her if I were you. When the blog it going, please send me the address.

      It’s very apparent that you’re having a great time…and the images are great. I’d say you’ve “learned it all”, we’re all always learning of course, but your images are now at that higher level. No doubt about it.



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