Niels-Esperson Building Facade

Niels-Esperson Building Facade


Niels-Esperson Building Facade – Mabry Campbell

Photograph by Mabry Campbell, Houston, Texas, 2014

Mabry Campbell Photography: Website ⎟ FlickrFacebookGoogle+ ⎟ LinkedIn


2 thoughts on “Niels-Esperson Building Facade

    • Thanks Henrietta! Leanne is great for sure! I took this with the Canon 17mm tilt shift lens. The lens is amazing, and obviously being a tilt shift keeps all the vertical lines straight. Other than that, I spent a fair amount of time in PS eliminating reflections in windows, oil stains on the street, cracks on the sidewalk, etc. Do one of those and the difference is negligible, do them all and you can really see the difference. This shot was for a client so I had to “keep it real” and eliminate all distractions, no matter how small.
      – Mabry


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