1,000,000 Views On Iron Connection F

1,000,000 Views On Iron Connection F

The Iron Connection F

If only image views were pennies I’d have a lot of pennies, over 1,000,000 thanks to this single photo. Iron Connection F is my most viewed and faved image on ‪#‎Flickr‬. Strange how these things happen…and probably time to change my FB header. IMO, Flickr has the best app (by far) and unbeatable organization tools thanks to its base platform, particularly when combined with tremendous additions like ‪#‎SuprSetr‬ (thanks Jeremy Brooks) and Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom upload plug-in.

Here I am on Flickr: Mabry Campbell’s Photostream

I use SuprSetr which is an automatic set organization tool created by Jeremy Brooks, and he gives it away. SuprSetr

I use Jeffrey Friedl’s Export to Flickr plug-in for Lightroom, it is amazing and he only asks for a donation of any amount you choose after a trial period. Export To Flickr Plug-In

Go Flickr! :))
– Mabry


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