Niels-Esperson Building Cupola

Niels-Esperson Building Cupola

Back on a balmy morning last September 2014, a great client who owns the Niels-Esperson buildings organized rooftop access for me on a building near their to document their famous cupola. Back in 1927 when the building was finished, Millie Esperson had her apartment just beneath the cupola. Must have been nice! Today it is completely off limits unless you know someone, which I do. So when I can get a free moment I’ll be shooting all the views from the cupola at sunset.
A point of interest. The Niels-Esperson buildings are still air-conditioned the way they were in 1927. I was given a tour of the system. How do you cool 40 story buildings in 1927? I assumed that you didn’t. It turns out there is a very large room below grade where the warm return air is blown through hundreds of pipes misting out very cold water. The air is cooled as it passes through and it is then sucked into the supply air system and cools the entire building. This is still in use today in the buildings.



Niels-Esperson Cupola I – Mabry Campbell

Niels-Esperson Building Cupola


Niels-Esperson Cupola II – Mabry Campbell

Niels-Esperson Building Cupola


Niels-esperson Building Cupola – Mabry Campbell

Photographs by Mabry Campbell, Houston, Texas 2014

Mabry Campbell Photography: Website ⎟ FacebookGoogle+ ⎟ LinkedInFlickr


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