Downtown Houston Skyline – The West Side

Downtown Houston Skyline – The West Side


Downtown Houston Skyline – The West Side – Mabry Campbell

The images are getting bigger from yesterday’s Niels-Esperson Building Cupola post . This was shot from the same roof in downtown Houston about 10 minutes earlier to get the sunrise light. It’s a single 24mm tilt-shift exposure of the west side of the downtown Houston skyline. This is about 20% of downtown Houston. Even so, we’ve got some great buildings here. Barely visible on the left side is the crystal-colored building once occupied by Enron, now Chevron. Moving to the right, we can see Centerpoint Energy Plaza by Richard Keating, Wells Fargo Plaza by Richard Keating, the Niels-Esperson Building and cupola, and on the far right Pennzoil Place by Philip Johnson.

I’ve said it many times, but everyone that enjoys glass skyscrapers all over the world can thank Philip Johnson for his design of Pennzoil Place. It is “building 1” in the post-modernism architectural family tree. Before Johnson, no one had designed a glass and steel structure of this magnitude. Just scan the horizon and the building stands out. Quite an achievement for Johnson who designed this building in 1975 for developer Gerald D. Hines.

Philip Johnson was awarded the 1978 AIA Gold Medal and became the first laureate of the Pritzker Prize in Architecture in 1979 for his work on Pennzoil Place. Pennzoil Place was named “Building of the Decade” in 1975 by The New York Times architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtablebecause of the dramatic silhouette it added to the Houston skyline. (Source: wiki)

Photograph by Mabry Campbell, Houston, Texas, 2014

Mabry Campbell Photography: Website ⎟ FacebookGoogle+ ⎟ LinkedInFlickr


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