Published: The Soapbox Revolution on MusicMattersGB

Published: The Soapbox Revolution on MusicMattersGB

The Soapbox Revolution is the hottest band in Houston, Texas and it was a great experience shooting the behind-the-scenes images for their latest video (Send My Love — video below) and recent show at Fitzgerald’s.


The Soapbox Revolution – Mabry Campbell

Music Matters

Last summer, I selected the song “Pick Your Poison” by The Soapbox Revolution for my most exciting 3 songs at the time. The sound was so fresh and complete. I remember that I said to myself, hmmm these guys know how to write a song.  Since then, they commented a few times that we should have been prepared for the next.
I used to listen to the song on SoundCloud. Sometime later, I found the hilarious music video for this song. The link is below on this page. I hope you watch and enjoy it!

Exactly a month ago, The Soapbox Revolution  released a new single “Send My Love”. It is the song which they were working on last summer. I was totally sure it wouldn’t disappoint me, of course it didn’t.  I selected “Send My Love” for my most exciting songs January 2015. Also you can find the link to this music…

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