Genesis – Gus S Wortham Memorial Fountain

Gus S Wortham Memorial Fountain in Houston, Texas – Image Series

All images shot with the Lensbaby Composer Pro Sweet 35 and Edge 80 on 720 nm infrared Canon body. Formatt-Hitech Firecrest neutral density filters were used on the long exposure images.

The Gus S. Wortham Memorial Fountain was designed by local Houston architect, William Cannady and donated to the City of Houston by the Wortham Foundation and American General Insurance. Affectionately called “the dandelion fountain”, it is located in the 2900 block of Allen Parkway. The fountain is comprised of a central bronze shaft with multiple bronze sprinkler pipes radiating out of a central hub. The pipes are equal in length giving the top portion of the fountain a spherical shape, which is reinforced by the surface of the sphere created by the spaying water. (source: City of Houston). The fountain was completed in 1978 and completely refurbished in 2015. These images were all taken after its refurbishment in July 2015.


Genesis I – Mabry Campbell


Genesis II – Mabry Campbell

Genesis III-Mabry-Campbell

Genesis III – Mabry Campbell


Genesis IV – Mabry Campbell


Genesis V – Mabry Campbell


Genesis VI – Mabry Campbell


Genesis VII – Mabry Campbell

Gus-Wortham-Memorial-Fountain -Mabry-Campbell

Gus Wortham Memorial Fountain – Mabry Campbell


Genesis T – Gus Wortham Memorial Fountain – Mabry Campbell

Photographs by Mabry Campbell. Houston, Texas, 2015

Mabry Campbell Photography: Website ⎟ FlickrFacebookGoogle+ ⎟ LinkedIn


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